Surprise! Jennings Is Full Of Shit Again

Okay, so it’s not a surprise to anyone. Hot garbage is never a surprise.

Republican Scott Jennings, of pleading the Fifth infamy (to get out of his very real email scandal, unlike the nonsensical Clinton shenanigans he loves to hype – here, here & here), is promoting and justifying a racist bigot again.

While I’m reluctant to link to his garbage, you can’t not read it:

President Donald Trump is already making good on the promise of a new presidency. His inaugural address—derided as divisive by a mainstream media that still doesn’t get it—was a forceful call for national unity and patriotism, wrapped in the idea that a policy of America First is required after a period of globalization that benefited the world’s elites at the expense of America’s working people.

Some have criticized the way President Trump has taken office. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called Trump’s cabinet “a disaster,” and others have attacked Trump’s senior staff for one reason or another. Dozens of Democratic congressmen boycotted Trump’s inaugural, and one said Trump is not a “legitimate” president.

The mindlessly partisan criticism of Trump reminds us that some politicians remain conformists to the old politics that paralyzed our nation and led to November’s election results. Even Trump’s mention of serious American problems—shuttered factories, drugs, gangs—drew criticism from elites who couldn’t believe he had the audacity to inject realism into his address. Barack Obama spent eight years formulating soaring rhetoric that, while lacking realistic underpinnings, thrilled the Beltway elites. Donald Trump’s audience, rather, is middle America, and they understand very clearly his inaugural message.


Those who root for the Trump Administration’s failure have not learned the lesson of this election—that Americans are tired of being divided into niche special interest groups, pitted against one another and force-fed the idea that one person’s success must have come at the expense of another.

Indeed, this attitude will be wiped away by President Trump and the Republican Congressional leadership. Redistribution of wealth is no longer the goal, but rather growth of the American economy that benefits all American workers.

Scott Jennings isn’t mentally disabled. He’s just a Mike Huckabee-wannabee who feels empowered when he revises history all 1984-style – just like Sean Spicer and Donald Trump. Translated, I mean he’s a bigot pushing out Bolshevik bullshit. If you defend and promote bigotry while attempting to normalize this nonsense? You’re a bigot.

But that’s likely his intent. To further normalize bigotry. People like Jennings are more interested in power than leading and doing the right thing. So this praise of an authoritarian narcissist helps his tiny… ego… feel better. It’s just slightly shocking to see someone risk the reputation of their business and its clients in such a manner.

After more than a year of campaigning that focused on demonizing people of color, immigrants, women, gay people and pushing fear on poor, uneducated white people? Jennings is trying to turn the tables by blaming victims. It’s the same kind of thing victims of domestic violence encounter with regularity.

How could anyone sane watch the inaugural address Trump gave and walk away thinking it was a gem, as Jennings apparently did? You couldn’t. At least not without being as dumb as Richie Farmer. It was filled with disinformation and hate. It called upon reinvigorating the “America First” nonsense from 70 years ago that involved literal Nazism. It was a doom and gloom, racist tirade about how scary black guys, Mexicans and Muslims are raping and pillaging their way through white communities and stealing our precious, unborn babies or whatever. And Jennings is claiming it’s “mindlessly partisan” to call that out as the horse shit it is.

All I know is I can’t wait to watch this whiny ass titty baby have to apologize and take responsibility for this administration as the next year or so plays out. He’s too thick to realize that’s what’s about to happen. So we can all just sit here getting our popcorn ready. Schadenfreude is on its way.

P.S. This could all be about money for Jennings. Yes, that’s pretty gross. But his PAC has benefitted handsomely from Trump through the years.