UK Is Just As Bad/Corrupt As UofL

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The state attorney general ruled Monday the University of Kentucky violated the state’s Open Records Act when it failed to provide a detailed explanation on why a request for emails and other records from the College of Law was delayed. [H-L]

In Bonita Springs, Florida, this March, Bill Lonkart was preparing for the coming Republican presidential primary. In Philadelphia this July, Amanda Berg was gearing up to protest the Democratic National Convention. [HuffPo]

To quote Marc Murphy, Damon Thayer (not a Kentuckian but a Michigander) wants everyone who isn’t like him to get off his lawn. But there’s no one actually on his lawn, he’s just freaking out again, probably abusing people, hiding his true identity, surrounding himself with people who pump up his fragile ego. Let’s just say it: Damon Thayer is a racist wuss. Period. Full stop. [C-J/AKN]

At an average of five weather-related closures each year, students in Louisville are typically left with a week of canceled courses annually. [The Atlantic]

With prices for generic drugs skyrocketing, Kentucky has joined a multi-state lawsuit alleging a large group of pharmaceutical companies has monopolized generic drugs, calling the conduct “straightforward and sinister.” [Richmond Register]

Michigan must deliver bottled water or provide in-home filtration to all qualified residents in the city of Flint, where lead contamination sparked a public health crisis, a U.S. appellate panel ruled on Friday upholding a lower-court order. [Reuters]

Despite fears that environmental protections will relax under Donald Trump’s administration, fewer cases are being pursued by the Environmental Protection Agency now than at any time in the past 20 years. [Ashland Independent]

Far from ending with President-elect Trump’s announcement that he will separate himself from the management of his business empire, the constitutional debate about the meaning of the Emoluments Clause — and whether Trump will be violating it — is likely just beginning. [ProPublica]

Come January, Kentucky will have a full-time Secretary of Economic Development following a year when the cabinet was overseen by an acting secretary. [Ronnie Ellis]

The Embassy of Kuwait allegedly cancelled a contract with a Washington, D.C. hotel days after the presidential election, citing political pressure to hold its National Day celebration at the Trump International Hotel instead. A source tells ThinkProgress that the Kuwaiti embassy, which has regularly held the event at the Four Seasons in Georgetown, abruptly canceled its reservation after members of the Trump Organization pressured the ambassador to hold the event at the hotel owned by the president-elect. [ThinkProgress]

Are UofL fans outnumbered in Louisville? Hopefully, if we’re lucky. [WFPL]

President-elect Donald Trump has continued employing a private security and intelligence team at his victory rallies, and he is expected to keep at least some members of the team after he becomes president, according to people familiar with the plans. [Politico]

The University of Kentucky’s Senate Council held a specially called meeting on Monday to discuss the case of a journalism professor accused of misconduct whose story has exploded across social and national media. [H-L]

Environmental groups are voicing opposition to a proposed natural gas pipeline that would cut across the Appalachian Trail in Virginia and require clearing a previously protected corridor of forest. [HuffPo]

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