It’s Steve Henry Pee Alert Time!

Oh man, Steve Henry. Remember that guy? He’s the man I helped get get triple-convicted for campaign finance fraud. Because he and his wife, Heather French Henry, were butt-deep in scamming people. They were mingling campaign contributions for a non-existent U.S. Senate campaign, a gubernatorial campaign that wasn’t yet official, they were personally profiting from those funds, personally profiting (living in, no less!) from the Rosemary Clooney House – which they tried to claim was a non-profit and we got the IRS to shut that down. That’s just scratching the surface. There’s way too much to detail.

Anyway, that corrupt guy is back in the news.

Here’s the latest glory from WAVE3’s Eric Flack:

The heroin epidemic has touched nearly every corner of the community. Now, WAVE 3 News has uncovered unintended consequences for one local neighborhood.

People being treated for heroin addiction are being blamed for crime, congestion, and overall ugly behavior in one community. And the surprise isn’t only what’s happening, but where.

All this is happening right in the heart of Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood, in a building owned by a community preservation group led by a former Kentucky lieutenant governor.


“I don’t think anyone wants that in their neighborhood,” said Jaclyn Culver, a business owner in the area. She said the neighborhood is under siege by patients from a clinic operated by Dr. David Easley.

Easley is a psychiatrist who, according to public searches, prescribes suboxone to assist people trying to get off heroin and painkillers. But some of those same clients are starting to overwhelm people who live and work in the area.

“They’re taking over,” said a woman named Donna who lives in the area but asked not to give her last name. “I appreciate what they do. I think it’s wonderful. But no one in there has control of what goes on out here.”

WAVE 3 News watched with an undercover camera as a man left the suboxone clinic and publicly urinated next to his truck as a woman walked past with her dog. It was around 10:30 a.m.


Culver and others said the suboxone clinic is also attracting problems that Easley and his staff aren’t doing anything to stop.


WAVE 3 News wanted to take the neighbors’ concerns, and the undercover video, to Dr. Easley and the owner of the building, the Future Fund Land Trust. Future Fund is a non-profit run by Kentucky’s former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry.


Henry said he had many more problems with vandalism and drifters misusing the property after a boutique operated out of the building by his wife, Heather French-Henry, closed. Steve Henry said things have gotten much better since Easley moved in, and that he, too, was unaware of any issues with the neighbors.

Culver doesn’t understand how they could miss it.

“The other people in the neighborhood are being taken advantage of,” she said.

As for why Future Fund purchased a building in the Highlands in the first place, Henry told WAVE 3 News it’s used as a business office.

He also said the rent paid by Easley to lease the back of the building goes to help the Future Fund buy more land to preserve.

Here’s the deal…

The Future Fund? It’s not doing anything to protect land. Henry and his wife were attempting to personally profit from land they were buying up and got caught. Dan Jones of 21st Century Parks had to threaten the Henrys with legal action in order to get them to go through with providing Floyds Fork land for the Parklands project he was working on. They were straight up using the Future Fund, a non-profit, to buy up land and Steve and Heather were trying to sell it for their own gain.

The Henrys can claim otherwise but who you gonna believe? A man thrice-convicted? A woman who defrauded her publisher and is grifting with her veterans organization? Or myself, along with Leslie Holland (who spent gobs of cash and busted her butt to make justice happen), who witnessed it all and then forced a giant investigation? If you aren’t keen on trusting us, you can also look go the Special Investigations Unit of the Kentucky State Police. Because they’re the fine folks who documented everything.

That building was “purchased” by the Future Fund because of Henry’s campaign finance troubles from 2006-2009. You can search the archives here to find all those stories. Or read about them in the Herald-Leader. It’s been mixed up in Henry’s failed campaign, the Future Fund, Heather’s failed boutique and now it’s a clinic for heroin addicts. Seems fitting.

Eric Flack should dig in to everything Henry got in trouble for. The KSP should probably dig in to make sure Henry isn’t violating his agreement with the court as part of his plea deal. And then Louisville should shut that crap down.

This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things.