Some Juicy Dem Corruption Tidbits

I heard on Saturday that Adam Edelen had been busy telling everyone who would listen that MC Squared and Sam McIntosh were at the center of the Tim Longmeyer scandal. As if his own people aren’t directly tied to both Longmeyer AND McIntosh. So it’s no surprise that A Kentucky Newspaper came out with a story making the ID.

But anyone following my Twitter feed (and you should be, as I don’t always publish everything I learn here on Page One) would have learned on Thursday that an indictment was imminent.

Naturally, Democrats in Frankfort were peeved that I’d revealed their dirt again. They started attacking and lobbing veiled threats via campaign consultants and former KDP spokespeople who called me. So I dug in and got people to talk to me.

Then I spilled the tea on Friday, identifying MC Squared.

Seems the Democrats are just as corrupt and horrible today as they were in 2011. They started coming for me then because I was reporting things they didn’t want revealed. So I’ll keep spilling. You’d think they’d learn to stop attacking the messenger and focus on their own shenanigans.

To tease the Dems a bit, here’s what Tom Noland from Humana told me:

The filing of the criminal complaint is the first notice Humana has received of these allegations, and the company intends to conduct a full internal investigation to confirm that there was no wrongdoing on the part of Humana associates.

I got a lot more from others.

But here’s the deal: Everyone from Greg Stumbo to Leslie Combs to Fitz Steele are directly tied to McIntosh. In fact, I hear Stumbo recently planned to meet with McIntosh and Mike Bowling, their mutual friend. But I guess that won’t be happening?

This is gonna be tons of fun.

One other bit of housekeeping…

Remember Hezekiah Boone and Jack Conway? Here’s a flashback:

And this:

Fascinating stuff, isn’t it?

So ominous.