Hate Beams Are On High In Frankfort

After a tense debate on religion, the Kentucky Senate voted 22-16 Tuesday to approve a controversial bill that aims to legally protect businesses that, because of their owners’ religious beliefs, don’t want to serve gay customers. The measure now goes to the House, where Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, said Senate Bill 180 would languish. [H-L]

Donald Trump continued to beat the GOP field on Tuesday night, winning contests in Florida, North Carolina and Illinois, but dropping Ohio to John Kasich and struggling against Ted Cruz in Missouri. [HuffPo]

The Kentucky Senate passed a sweeping bill on Tuesday that opponents say would allow certain businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians based on religious beliefs. Bonus points: Whitney Westerfield got called on the carpet. Again. [C-J/AKN]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump predicted on Wednesday that there would be “riots” if he does not secure the GOP nomination, given his lead among delegates. [The Hill]

The Glasgow Police Department is almost back to being a member of the drug task force of which it was a founding member before withdrawing in 2009. [Glasgow Daily Times]

A congressional panel on Tuesday criticized the Environmental Protection Agency and Michigan officials for failing to do more to sound the alarm about high levels of lead in the city of Flint’s drinking water. [Reuters]

This week Greg Stumbo’s LRC staffers wrote a column about how he’s education’s savior and loves raising your taxes. [Floyd County Times]

The increasingly violent nature of campaign events supporting Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential front-runner, built to a crescendo Friday night as protesters in Chicago, Illinois came out in full force, prompting Trump to cancel the rally he had planned there. Trump was quick to decry the “thugs who shut down our First Amendment rights” and other figures on the right echoed that message. [ThinkProgress]

House Democrats on Tuesday showed their hand on the state budget, sending to the floor a budget that puts more money into pensions than Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposals while restoring cuts to education and creating less debt than which the governor called. [Ronnie Ellis]

Mitch McConnell spoke to Donald Trump on Tuesday and recommended that the business mogul condemn violence at his rallies. [Politico]

Can’t say this enough but Ashland is apparently focused on being a real leader in Appalachia. The Boyd County Fiscal court passed a resolution Tuesday lending its approval to a needle exchange program for one year. [Ashland Independent]

Adam Davidson of Gimlet, explains how free trade helps everyone a little bit, and also how it has directly ruined the lives millions of workers in certain sectors. [NPR]

The House budget committee approved a state budget late Tuesday that restores money Gov. Matt Bevin recommended cutting from K-12 schools, higher education, Kentucky Educational Television and a handful of state agencies, while pouring an additional $1.1 billion into struggling state pension systems. [John Cheves]

From the Department of Things Ken Ham Wouldn’t Understand… Scientists have discovered what they believe is a pregnant Tyrannosaurus Rex — and it might even still contain dino DNA. [HuffPo]