Surprise! Adam Edelen Suddenly Cares

NOW Adam Edelen cares about the direction of the Commonwealth? Kentucky is headed the wrong way, down a dangerous road. [H-L]

President Barack Obama on Tuesday vowed to pick an indisputably qualified nominee for the Supreme Court and chided Republicans who control the U.S. Senate for threatening to block him from filling the pivotal vacancy. [HuffPo]

A top Bevin administration regulator over banking, insurance, horse racing and other business resigned Wednesday as a director of Kentucky’s major Republican super PAC after The Courier-Journal inquired about potential conflicts of holding both roles. K. Gail Russell, who was appointed Dec. 30 as deputy secretary of the Public Protection Cabinet, resigned Wednesday morning as a director of the super PAC Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, according to both the Governor’s Office and the super PAC. [C-J/AKN]

Polylactic acid (PLA) plastic is an increasingly common, environmentally friendly, alternative to conventional petrochemical-based mass plastics. But it’s a costly process. [Reuters]

House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, went out of his way to praise a Democratic colleague with whom he frequently disagrees — and in doing so subtly suggested most Democrats are afraid to take tough votes or stand up for their convictions. [Ronnie Ellis]

Wealth, jobs and pay inequality are big political issues this presidential primary season, and they’re bound to become bigger once the parties pick their nominees. In the plethora of plans candidates tout for tackling these problems, one favored tool stands out: the federal tax code. [ProPublica]

In the wake of the firing of a Glasgow Police Department sergeant and public information officer, questions have remained about whether any other members of the department were investigated or disciplined. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Former President George W Bush has hit the campaign trail to boost younger brother Jeb’s faltering presidential nomination bid. [BBC]

Employees of Morehead State University were directed last Friday to take immediate steps to reduce expenditures to “an absolute minimum” for the balance of the current fiscal year. [The Morehead News]

Dr. Seth Ammerman listens intently to his new, 21-year-old patient. Ernesto, who does not want his last name disclosed, is homeless. He is earning a high school degree and working part time, but at night, he and his brother share a tent that they set up on the streets of San Jose, Calif. The daily stress of being homeless is wearing Ernesto out, and making him light up too many cigarettes. [NPR]

Providers of community mental health have no choice but to sit and wait in fear of how state budget cuts will affect them, said Pathways Inc. CEO Kimberly McClanahan. [Ashland Independent]

America is getting angrier, according to one watchdog. For the first time in five years, the number of hate groups in the United States rose in 2015, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a legal and advocacy organization known among other things for monitoring extremist activity. [WaPo]

The state’s Kynect health insurance exchange is a financially unsustainable boondoggle that has cost $330 million, Gov. Matt Bevin’s top health officials told lawmakers at the Capitol Tuesday. An hour earlier, at a news conference down the hall, several Kentucky farmers described Kynect as a lifeline that provided their families with affordable health insurance. [John Cheves]

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday praised two audience members who tackled a protester at his rally in South Carolina. [HuffPo]