Senate Republicans Think It’s Still 1935

Do you trust racist wingnuts to handle education? Senate Republicans unveiled their 13 “priority” bills Wednesday for the 2016 General Assembly, including a measure they highlighted as Senate Bill 1 that would eliminate the controversial Common Core education standards for Kentucky schools. [H-L]

When Donald Trump first watched his new TV ad that began airing this week, he said, “Play it again. I love the feel of it.” I, too, had to play it again, not because I too loved the feel, but out of amazement that this is what the front runner for the Republican nomination had chosen to put in his first TV ad of the campaign. [HuffPo]

Welp, now we know why Bob Stivers is all the sudden neck-deep in Matt Bevin’s behind. Regina Stivers, wife of Senate President Robert Stivers, will begin work in the Bevin administration on Monday as deputy secretary of the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet. [C-J/AKN]

Time Warner Cable said late Wednesday that hackers may have stolen up to 320,000 customers’ email passwords. [The Hill]

Former Jefferson County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Matt Conway was charged with felony assault Wednesday night after allegedly attacking his wife, according to a police report. Remember when his brother was covering up his police investigation(s)? [WDRB]

The former U.S. attorney who gained the conviction of West Virginia’s “King of Coal” over a deadly mine blast said on Wednesday he would run for governor as a Democrat. [Reuters]

Deputies say a Wayne County man stole roosters and a goat and offered to return them to the victim in exchange for sex. [WKYT]

The Kentucky man whose drone was shot down by his neighbor last year has now filed a federal lawsuit, asking the court to make a legal determination as to whether his drone’s July 2015 flight constituted trespass. In the case, plaintiff David Boggs also wants the court to rule that he is entitled to damages of $1,500 for his destroyed drone. [Ars Technica]

The Tri-Cities have received more than $100,000 in grants recently from the Robert E. “Bob” Frazier Tri-Cities Charitable Foundation to aid the area in funding projects ranging from repairing lighting in Cumberland to repairs at the Sleepy Hollow Golf Course. [Harlan Daily Independent]

On social issues, Rubio has endorsed a complete ban on abortions, even in cases of rape and incest (a stance locating Rubio to the right of George W. Bush). He has promised to reverse executive orders protecting LGBT citizens from discrimination and to appoint justices who would reverse same-sex marriage. [NY Mag]

The Perry County Community Foundation has awarded $5,000 to the Leslie Knott Letcher Perry (LKLP) Community Action Council in September, for the Eastern Streams Community Early Childhood Council. This grant will support early childhood education in Southeastern Kentucky. [Hazard Herald]

The executive actions on guns unveiled yesterday by President Obama drew predictable praise from gun control advocates and bile from gun-rights supporters and Republican lawmakers, including some who called his actions “unconstitutional.” But, as some have noted, the actions themselves are extremely modest, raising questions about how much they will really do to stem gun violence. [ProPublica]

“When I first stepped into Ricky Thacker’s classroom, I was surprised by how unusual it looks,” entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates wrote in(sic) a blog Tuesday about his November visit to Betsy Layne High School in Floyd County. “There are no desks. White boards hang from every wall. The entire room is painted bright orange and yellow, like candy corn. [H-L]

The progressive activist organization CREDO Mobile launched a petition Wednesday evening calling on the chair of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), to resign from her post. [HuffPo]