Blaming Non-Voters Is Short-Sighted

Can we all CALM DOWN BEYONCE for a second? At least the people blaming non-voters for Matt Bevin? The folks suggesting Jack Conway was a magical alternative of hope and dreams? Because HOLY HELL AT THE INSANITY!

Here’s the deal, outsiders: Many people didn’t vote for Jack Conway because he was not an alternative. Many people are tired of holding their nose to cast a vote. Many are tired of choosing the lesser of two evils.

Bevin may hate the gays, may be an Islamophobe, pander to cockfighters and racists, hate poor people who have no hope and no way out of their hell, hate the environment, hate employment protections, hate everything that Fox News has convinced him is the devil.

But Conway? He pandered to homophobes until recently. In 2010 he told me on the record that he couldn’t publicly support equality because he needed votes. He begged me for help connecting him with prominent gay donors while publicly denying any connection, any tie, any inkling of humanity. He and his team later tried to blame people like me for his epic loss to Rand Paul.

He publicly fights to kill the environment as hard as any Republican extremist. While privately fearing for environmental health and the future of his children.

He has an established history of privately protecting drug criminals in Eastern Kentucky while publicly presenting a desire to stop the epidemic. Reference: every high-profile drug case in EKY ever, including the most recent one during which Daniel Mongiardo testified.

He ran as far from President Barack Obama as he could in public. Because of racism in the Commonwealth. He pandered to racists better than most truly racist candidates.

Education? Vague.

Pension disaster? Equally vague, despite a handful of rhetoric, because his closest friends and allies are pension middlemen.

Conway was no alternative to Bevin. He was merely Bevin with less of the stupid. He was Bevin with feigned ignorance.

He didn’t give non-voting Kentuckians a reason to vote.

When it comes to the Kentucky Democratic Party dropping the ball… hell yes KDP dropped the ball. It began dropping the ball the second Wendell Ford and crew started scamming the insurance industry to fund the KDP via kickbacks in the 1970s. The ball has been dropped so many times since then that it barely exists.

KDP has refused to stand up for equality. An issue most Democrats and potty-trained Republicans stand behind.

KDP ran quickly away from health care reform in the beginning and never looked back. Kynect? KDP has no idea what that is. At least not outside the Golden Triangle (Louisville-Lexington-Northern Kentucky).

Fighting for a living wage? KDP can’t count.

Technology? Broadband expansion that’s more than empty rhetoric? What? KDP barely has dial-up internet access on its 2002 Dell Inspiron.

Reforming one of the worst pension systems in the nation? Nary a peep beyond Democratic legislators using their part-time jobs to get borderline wealthy in retirement.

The KDP is so disconnected from the racial divide in Kentucky that its mascot and logo is a racist rooster leftover from the days of segregation and hanging. It’s like David Duke and three white, pointy hats on letterhead.

Education? The Democrats have installed some of the most corrupt people in the state on the educational front. And accountability? Democrats appoint people who have been repeatedly reprimanded or have repeatedly broken the law and violated public trust to agencies like the Education Professional Standards Board. All while cutting funding and turning a blind eye to the future.

Working with those across the aisle? Not happening.

Accepting criticism or attempting to acknowledge that constructive criticism is necessary to thrive as a modern political party? Nope, KDP eats people alive and drives them out of the state. (KY Repubs do the same, just to a lesser extent because there are fewer of them)

Democrats did little, if anything, to prevent this.

Let’s quit blaming people for not supporting Jack Conway. Let’s quit blaming them for not turning to the Kentucky Democratic Party. They offered no alternative. “Vote for us because we’re not a crazy teabagger!” is not an alternative.

When there’s no alternative, only the panicked and ill-informed show up to vote. That’s nothing new.

Oh, right, Happy New Year!