Things Just Got Rough For Jack Conway

Remember that… uh… bizarre thing from last week about Jack Conway’s former brother-in-law and his family’s alleged participation in retaliation?

From the National Association Against Police Brutality:

A Louisville Kentucky mother has contacted the National Association Against Police Brutality (NAAPB) seeking help for her son Hezekiah Boone. In an ethics complaint filed with Kentucky’s Executive Branch Ethics Commission on Monday October 19, Chanda Boone, alleges that the state’s current Attorney General and now gubernatorial candidate, Jack Conway, has used his office to influence the criminal justice system to wrongfully arrest and jail his own brother-in-law after a bitter divorce began with Conway’s sister. Mrs. Boone says her son, an African American father of the three and college graduate, was arrested after several unfounded allegations were made by Conway’s sisters, Megan Conway Boone and Kelli Conway Gordinier. Hezekiah and Megan Conway Boone have been married since 2004.

According to the complaint and court documents, in November 2014, a detective with the Louisville Metro Police Department was contacted by the Attorney General’s office to investigate allegations of domestic violence. Megan Conway Boone sought an Emergency Protection Order against Mr. Boone. According to Mr. Boone’s attorney, Mike Goodwin, in Kentucky, most emergency protection orders are granted without the adverse party being present or a full hearing of all the facts from both parties. As a result of the EPO hearing, Hezekiah Boone was removed from his home. In addition to being removed from his home, Mr. Boone was also removed from his joint banking account. Police then collected DNA from Mr. Boone on a neighborhood street in November 2014. The judge sealed the search warrant and no information is available as to what warranted the DNA collection. However, when a full hearing was conducted by a judge, she found there was no evidence to support the claims of domestic violence made by Megan Conway Boone. Additional hearings were held and the same determination–no domestic violence– was found. Despite three failed attempts alleging domestic violence, Megan Conway Boone’s attorneys have appealed her case to the to the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

In May 2015, Mr. Boone was arrested for allegedly stalking his wife and his sister-in-law. His bond was reduced to $10,000. According to Chanda Boone, after friends and family members posted that bond, Mr. Boone’s sister-in-law, Kelli Conway Gordinier made an additional accusation against Mr. Boone that resulted in his re-arrest. Mr. Boone’s bond was then set at $55,000 cash. In court documents the investigating officer openly acknowledged he collected items from Mr. Boone without a search warrant after Mr. Boones arrest. After that illegal seizure additional charges were levied against Mr. Boone. Mr. Boone remains in jail. Mr. Boone’s next court appearance is November 6, 2015; three days after the gubernatorial election in Kentucky.

The National Association Against Police Brutality is calling on Louisville judicial officials to hold an emergency bond reduction hearing for Mr. Boone. Officials from NAAPB are preparing a letter requesting Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky to help by asking the Department of Justice to conduct an independent investigation into the arrest and detention of Hezekiah Boone. NAAPB President Jonathan Newton stated “This is the exact type of police misconduct, abuse of prosecutorial and judicial discretion that causes the public to lose faith in the entire system of criminal justice. There is no legitimate reason for an Attorney General of a state to be the catalyst for a domestic violence investigation for a member of his own family. There are ethics rules that lawyers and prosecutors are bound to that preclude even the appearance of impropriety or a conflict of interest as alleged here.”

Newton said “On the surface, this appears as though the criminal justice system may have been used to lock up a family member during a bitter divorce to allow a political campaign to be conducted without controversy coming into public knowledge. To restore the communities faith in the system I think a DOJ investigation is appropriate.”

Here’s Boone’s complaint:

I am filing a complaint against the Attorney General’s Office in Kentucky. I have reason to believe that in court testimony from Detective Trinity Tillman in a probable cause hearing held on May 27th 2015 Judge Wilcox court room #301, the Attorney General and his Office interfered with the divorce of Meagan Boone Conway she is the Attorney General’s sister. She is currently in a very contingent and bitter divorce with Hezekiah Boone who happens to be African American. There is testimony from Trinity Tillman that he (Tillman) received a phone from an investigator named George Stewart from the Attorney Generals office. This phone call was made sometime in November of 2014. This date coincides with the time frame that a charge of domestic violence was filed against Hezekiah Boone. On November 21st, 2014 Hezekiah Boone was thrown out of his home located at 1407 North Wind Rd. Trinity Tillman and 3 to 4 Jefferson County Sheriffs came to his residence and ordered him out. The attorney present in court on May27th 2015 was Mac Adams, he questioned Trinity Tillman as to how the initial charge of domestic violence was initiated.

What I’m going to write in my complaint next are the exact words from the hearing in Jefferson Circuit Court Family Division Seven case #14D502984 on July 8th, 2015. This hearing is a request for yet another Domestic Violence Order in addition to the first, in all there were three domestic violence charges filed against Hezekiah Boone. The order states the following #15 of the order. Detective Tillman was initially contacted about the case in November 2014 by an investigator in the Attorney General’s Office, regarding their belief that an act of domestic violence has occurred in Petitioner and Respondent’s marriage. Petitioner’s brother is the Attorney General. It is Detective Tillman’s understanding that the attorney general spoke with the investigator about the allegations prior to the investigator contacting Detective Tillman. #16 After being contacted by the attorney general’s investigator, Detective Tillman contacted the Petitioner, who reported allegations of domestic violence against Respondent. The detective conducted the interview at Petitioner’s mother’s house, with Petitioner’s sister present. Petitioner and her sister made allegations of domestic violence and stalking.

The Petitioner is Megan Conway Boone, the Respondent is Hezekiah Boone and the sister is Kelli Gordinier, Megan’s sister. The investigator is George Stewart and of course the Attorney is Jack Conway. The interference and actions of the attorney general’s office has set up the chain of events that have led to Hezekiah Boone’s unjust and horrible acts of intimidation, harassment and malfeasance.

Malfeasance is fitting to such a situation as described, the meaning of the word is stated: “Malfeasance means bad conduct, corruption, deviation from rectitude, illegal conduct, illegal action, infringement, injurious action, misbehavior, misdeed, misdoing, misgovernment, mismanagement, overstepping, unjust performance, unlawful action, wrongful action, wrongful conduct, transgression. This is the bases for my complaint against the Attorney General’s Office.

In addition to my complaint I’m forwarding to you the letters I have written to the Mayor Fischer, Chief Conrad and Open Letter to the Media, JUSTICE FOR HEZEKIAH BOONE. In addition to the attached letters I am forwarding the link to the video titled “Illegal Seizure of HezekiahBoone’s DNA by Trinity Tillman and LMPD” YOU TUBE

I am requesting a serious investigation from the Kentucky Ethics Committee, Hezekiah Boone’s life is in danger and is freedom and reputation has been permanently damaged. He has lost his livelihood, his children, his home not to mention his dignity, integrity and the enormous pain and suffering he has had to endure is reprehensible.

In closing I am Hezekiah Boone’s mother my life may be in danger as well, if that be the case then I must put in writing and on the record, that I LOVE MY SON WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL a Mother’s love is endless I’m fighting to save my son from this injustice. I am his voice from behind the walls and bars on corruption that have him caged like an animal. I want to let everyone know that Hezekiah is my son and I have a duty and right to seek justice for him. This is a Mother’s love how could any mother be wrong for that.

So that should be fun.

It’s a shame no one from the Conway world wants to respond, refute or otherwise provide a statement. Particularly in an election year.


Things are getting more rough.