Emails Show Rison Appears To Have Meddled During Office Of Civil Rights Title IX Investigation In Montgomery Co.

Note: Joshua Powell attempted to hide these documents from us but they’ve recently come to light now that there’s a new school board and new administration for the district.

Here we are two years later still writing about Montgomery County Schools. A semi-rural, semi-Appalachian district that just won’t quit with the corrupt shenanigans. Good old boy back scratching, retaliation, retribution, discrimination, bid-rigging, spending scandals, resignations, transparency issues, lies, manipulation, audits, investigations, audio, video, police reports, lawsuits. It’s got it all.

Today we’re focusing on Phil Rison, recently retired, recently investigated by the EPSB, recently named by Joshua Powell as stalking people on his behalf. He’s the man at the center of that school district’s Title IX scandals and that’s what we’re about to touch on. Again.

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After reading all of that, you likely won’t be surprised to learn that there’s evidence to suggest Rison worked to sit in on Office of Civil Rights interviews, compromising the integrity of OCR’s investigation:




You won’t be surprised that there’s evidence Rison congratulated people for their performance during OCR interviews:


You won’t be shocked to discover there’s evidence of Rison attempting to postpone coach interviews with OCR:


And you absolutely won’t be surprised to learn there’s evidence suggesting Rison misled his underlings to believe it was appropriate to sit in on OCR interviews:


Wondering why that’s a big deal?

Prohibition Against Intimidation or Retaliation

An institution under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education may not intimidate, threaten, coerce, or retaliate against anyone who asserts a right protected by the civil rights laws that OCR enforces, or who cooperates in an investigation. Anyone who believes that he or she has been intimidated or retaliated against should file a complaint with OCR.

Having people present during OCR interviews could be an attempt to intimidate and/or coerce people cooperating with the investigation.

Doesn’t help matters that Rison also attempted to control the flow of information regarding the OCR investigation:


Still wondering why Montgomery County can’t have nice things?

Meanwhile, these folks are attempting to bully us into identifying our sources and your help is needed.