What A Difference A Year Can Make

Ever found yourself wondering why the shysters in Montgomery County got away with so much for so long?

Because there are still people in the county who panic over the gays, people who can’t comprehend that it’s not fair game to force their religious beliefs onto others, people who don’t want women in positions of leadership.

But things have changed.

Check this out — from the local newspaper via the Kentucky School Boards Association:

Discussion of the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage made its way before the Montgomery County Board of Education Tuesday night.

Heather Johnson, the mother of children in grades preschool, first and third grade, went before the school board to ask if the ruling will have any impact on curriculum.

Superintendent Matt Thompson said he expects no changes in curriculum, but will likely affect wording involving school policies.

References to husband and wife could change to some degree, school board attorney Michelle Williams said.

Otherwise, she said, the impact should be minimal.

“I don’t see that there’s anything substantial,” she told Johnson.

Williams said she will be in contact with the Kentucky School Boards Association, which provides draft policies for the district, regarding any possible changes in language.

The district’s new superintendent and school board handled that situation perfectly. Without derogatory remarks, without condescension. That would not have happened a year ago.

If you think things aren’t slowly but surely improving in Montgomery County Schools, you’re mistaken.

A shame we can’t say the same about that community’s local paper.