Early Powell Victim Gets Some Vindication In Montgomery Co

Remember Dawn Cockrell? She’s one of Joshua Powell’s first alleged victims in Montgomery County.

We’ve loosely mentioned her in passing:

She’s the individual Judge Beth Lewis Maze referenced in her damning recusal in the Powell case:

1. The Undersigned has a close personal relationship with the former Montgomery County Curriculum Director. Because of this close personal relationship, the Undersigned has been privy to information regarding the Plaintiff’s conduct. This information encompasses Plaintiff’s treatment of the former Curriculum Director, including her removal as Director and placement back into the classroom, which the Undersigned believes was in violation of KRS 161.765, Harlan County Board of Education v. Stagnolia, 555 S.W. 2d 828 (Ky.App. 1977) and OAG 77-328. Knowing these facts and having formed an opinion about the Plaintiff’s character and credibility, the Undersigned cannot be fair and impartial regarding Plaintiff Joshua E. Powell, PhD.


Guess who is back in administration:


Dawn Cockrell. She’s been placed as principal by new superintendent Matthew Thompson.

Probably one of the biggest snubs toward Powell in months.

Would appear that Montgomery County Schools are working to right four years of wrongs.

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