New Highlights From Powell Hearing

Yesterday was the last day for fired former Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell’s due process hearing.

So time for some highlights:

  • Powell didn’t understand the difference between job description and qualifications so Tiffany Welch, of the State Auditor’s office, schooled him
  • Powell refused to testify until the board wrapped up its case
  • Powell told the hearing officer he was learning as he goes, mostly via google
  • Mike Owsley, via telephone, said he gave Jacqui Johnston advice regarding the hiring of Anna Powell
  • Powell claimed Owsley was a legal authority
  • Owsley said he hadn’t seen board minutes, hadn’t attended board meetings
  • Tim Southern claimed he’s just a “poor boy from West Virginia” about half a dozen times
  • Southern said he was part of test score increases, said they were major (spoiler alert: they weren’t)
  • Southern claimed the district was in financial trouble before Powell came to town
  • Southern admitted to discussing the hiring of Anna Powell
  • Southern and Powell attempted to claim Alice Anderson and her husband stole material to build a deck on their home. Fact of the matter: records appear to indicate the deck was built more than 18 years ago
  • Southern and Powell apparently possess a copy of Alice Anderson’s personnel file, then, after stern questioning, claimed they’d only seen it on social media (they haven’t) when realizing how it may not be entirely legal to have it
  • Southern was shown the personnel file by Powell, if you were wondering, and the hearing officer struck that nonsense from the record
  • Southern and Powell claimed Anderson used school equipment to make fake IDs (she didn’t – this was also yanked from the record)
  • Southern claimed employees filed complaints against Anderson, proving yet again that Powell’s mission is to exact revenge upon her for holding him accountable
  • Powell showed up late yesterday and decided to rest his case. He claimed it’s because witnesses won’t testify for him because they’re afraid of retaliation.
  • Gulley was nowhere to be found
  • For roughly 30 minutes, Powell spoke with board attorneys in an attempt to mediate, trying everything he could to keep from being fired again
  • Then he was fired. Again. 4-0 vote.

No wonder Montgomery County is a nightmare.