Highlights From The Powell Hearing

Fired former Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell’s due process/employment hearing started this morning.

At his side instead of an attorney? Richard Hughes, of deceiving the public infamy.



Who is Richard Hughes?

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It’s rare that I share personal opinion but come on. Fully-formed adults can’t seriously be this disconnected from reality. No one can tell me it’s mere ignorance.

The hearing broke for lunch because Powell needed to run home to obtain his exhibits. When things started back up, he was nowhere to be found. Steps had to be taken to locate him.

Didn’t remember his exhibits for deposition, didn’t remember his exhibits for a hearing he requested, totally prepared and all that.

First witness was Tiffany Welch, from the office of Auditor of Public Accounts, discussing the illegal hiring of Anna Powell, Joshua’s wife. There’s no need to rehash it because we’ve spent two years covering it.

Powell told the hearing that Anna plans to sue the school district. Because that couple doesn’t know when to quit, apparently. Because they believe a judge is going to come up with a different take than other judges, the school board, the State Auditor of Public Accounts, the OEA, the EPSB, the entirety of the Kentucky Department of Education, the Commissioner of Education, Terry Holliday, who has served as a professional reference for Powell.

Couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

UPDATE — Here’s a photo of Powell passing out his exhibits:


He attempted to spin other superintendents hiring their spouses in his favor. The same stunts he tried with the auditor.

Spoiler alert: those other supes weren’t changing job descriptions and such.

Lots of eye-rolling in the room today.