Jack Says He Knows All The Farmers

From the Conway-Overly Republican Democratic (heh) campaign for governator:

“From helping our farmers recover nearly a million dollars by cracking down on criminals who were running a fraudulent check scheme to standing up to Big Tobacco to protect a settlement agreement supporting vital agriculture programs, I have a proven record as Attorney General of getting real results for Kentucky’s rural families,” Attorney General Conway said. “My family ran a seed business in Western Kentucky, where your handshake was your bond. Sannie grew up on her family’s farm in Bourbon County, where everyone worked hard, pitched in, and got things done. Those are the kind of values we’ll bring to the Governor’s office as we continue fighting for our farmers, marketing our homegrown products, and moving Kentucky forward.”

They say these people are farmers and support their ticket:

  • Judge-Executive Alex Barnett, Harrison County
  • Former congressman Scotty Baesler and wife Alice Baesler, Fayette County
  • State Sen. Robin Webb, Carter County
  • State Sen. Dennis Parrett, Hardin County
  • State Rep. Tom McKee, Harrison County
  • State Rep. Wilson Stone, Allen County
  • Former state senator Joe Wright, Breckinridge County
  • Former state representative Roger Thomas, Warren County
  • Former state senator Joey Pendleton, Christian County
  • David Neville, Shelby County
  • Bruce Harper, Mercer County
  • Hoppy Henton, Woodford County
  • Robert and BJ Enlow, LaRue County
  • Karen Curtis, Robertson County
  • Kenny Hendrick, Warren County
  • Andrew Deweese, Butler County
  • Merrill and Shirley Stuart, Warren County
  • Chris Newton, Butler County
  • Shannon Morgan, Warren County
  • Chuck Tackett, Scott County
  • David Jacobs, Scott County
  • Mason Tackett, Scott County
  • Steve Meredith, Hardin County
  • John and Mary Bradshaw, Shelby County
  • Robert Donoho, Warren County
  • Tim and Belinda Westbrook, Warren County
  • Adam Westbrook, Warren County
  • Landon Westbrook, Warren County
  • Aaron Westbrook, Warren County
  • Tom and Elizabeth Westbrook, Warren County
  • Andrew McCord, Clark County
  • Charlie and Beverly Harrod, Shelby County
  • Bobby and Annabelle Glass, Shelby County
  • Bobby Arnett, Montgomery County
  • Don Halcomb, Simpson County
  • Joe Duncan, Warren County
  • Rondall Thornton, Warren County
  • Rod Kuegel, Daviess County
  • Marshall Coyle, Bath County
  • Denny and Felischa Page, Warren County
  • Brian Chism, Meade County
  • Robert Conley, Scott County
  • Lee Robey, Logan County
  • Fred Wheeler, Warren County

Including DUI aficionado Joey Pendleton.

Next week Jack will be at Kentucky Farm Bureau talking about how much he loves farmers while killing the environment with coal slurry and hydraulic fracturing fluid.