Friday Lunchtime Montgomery Co Stuff

We hear through the grapevine that the Trimble County Schools superintendent is planning to retire. But Marcia Dunaway, the current superintendent, has not responded to request for comment.

UPDATE: She definitely retired.


Folks in Frankfort and at KASA have been floating Joshua Powell’s name around as a replacement and possible interviewee.

Spoiler alert: That is not likely to happen with a pending EPSB case and everything else that’s occurred. Doesn’t help matters that Trimble County is where it all started for Powell. So folks probably ought to calm down with the gossip.

Admitting (he volunteered the information) to using district employees to stalk people? Uh… Trimble County’s board of education probably isn’t getting into that mess any time soon.

Fun note: Joshua Powell’s due process hearing for for Montgomery County begins Monday morning and it’s open to the public.