Unbelievable Developments In Montgomery County’s Powell Saga

Last week we mentioned almost in passing that fired Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell was deposed for nine hours. Powell is suing the school district for wrongful termination and he’s been losing at every turn.

He and his attorney, Ed Massey, a member of the Boone County Board of Education, didn’t get so much as a lunch break as they sat through questioning from Montgomery County’s attorneys. According to several people involved in the process, it was the craziest experience of their lives. And in this wacko saga? You can imagine it had to be borderline nightmarish to top the shenanigans we’ve previously reported.

Massey and Powell during a hearing in Morehead a few weeks ago:


Now that I’m confident our sources can’t be identified and have seen enough to confirm everything, it’s time to tease you folks a bit.

Ready for a few deposition highlights?

  • Powell confessed that he used school district employees to follow/stalk/keep constant tabs on various people like school board members and others attempting to hold him accountable. He claimed to have detailed records about individuals’ daily lives, places they went, people they met. Two of the employees Powell used for this stalking: Phil Rison and Kristi Carter.
  • He claimed Kelly Johnson was leaking information to us (he wasn’t, he wasn’t on the board yet, dumb ass) because his campaign advertised on this website. Spoiler alert: when every eye in your district is furiously refreshing this website when you’re running for office? You advertise here to get access to their eyeballs. Web advertising, like in newspapers, is not an endorsement of content but… wait for it… advertising. How dumb.
  • He admitted that he secretly recorded every meeting — including closed school board sessions. There were also apparently strong indications that he recorded conversations and meetings that did not involve him.
  • Roughly two hours into questioning, Powell attempted to get out of it by claiming he had a doctor’s appointment. His attorney, Massey, put him into place by reminding him that he had to go through with it because he filed the suit and is pressing forward.
  • He accused Jacqui Johnston and Michelle Williams of forging his signature on Family and Medical Leave Act paperwork. FMLA that he requested and accepted, mind you.
  • Powell was questioned about the slaughter of a board member’s pets and he denied involvement. Turns out a board member’s pet was killed and thrown into a swimming pool on an evening they were home alone. Similarly, Michelle Goins Henry (one of the many suing Powell and the district), woke to find her cats killed and left on her doorstep the morning she was to begin testimony before the Education Professional Standards Board against Powell. Only five people were aware of the day her testimony was to begin: EPSB attorney, hearing officer, Henry, Powell, Powell’s attorney.

That’s just scratching the surface. You’ll hear the rest in the weeks to come.

Some other big news?

In just a few days Joshua Powell will begin a multi-day due process hearing in the same case and there’s been an interesting development. Despite all of the, ahem, hullabaloo surrounding Powell’s push for a hearing (a real WTF moment), we’ve been informed that Powell has decided to represent himself. Meaning Massey either quit or was fired shortly after the deposition.

Couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.