Joshua Powell Violated Judge’s Order

The Montgomery County Board of Education has tried for nearly two months to get fired superintendent Joshua Powell to return equipment and keys belonging to the school district. He’s refused to do so.

Despite an order from a judge earlier this week, Powell didn’t turn over his equipment or keys. His deadline was close of business on Wednesday. District officials tell us they haven’t heard anything from Powell or his attorney regarding their return.

Which means the judge is going to eat him alive today, as we hear attorneys for the district are taking action.

Check out this photo from the Mt. Sterling Advocate:


And a bit of their coverage, which is surprisingly accurate:

…Coleman, a Circuit Judge from Pike County, ruled that Powell had to turn in the remaining school equipment of which he is still in possession by the end of the day Wednesday.

Powell was suspended as superintendent in early January. The board of education voted in April following a report from a Lexington law firm hired to investigate allegations of misconduct involving Powell to proceed with removing him as superintendent.

Terry Holliday, state commissioner of education, gave the board the go-ahead to proceed with the removal process, however, Powell is entitled to a due process hearing.


The final matter discussed was in regard to the return of school system equipment still in Powell’s possession. The items included a personal WiFi, iPad and building keys.

Massey, who has taken issues from the beginning of Powell’s suspension as he claims state statute does not specifically address suspension, only removal, said Powell cannot be terminated until the conclusion of his due process hearing. Consequently, Powell believes he remains as superintendent (and thus retains the right to keep all equipment) until the expiration of his contract June 30.


Coleman … ordered Powell to immediately return all school system items still in his possession.

The parties agreed that Powell’s wife Anna, who currently is employed by the Board of Education, would turn everything in by the end of the day on Wednesday (June 24).

We’d link you to the story but the newspaper doesn’t have it online as of this publication.

Judge Coleman also called Powell and his attorney, Ed Massey, out for playing games with due process hearing dates.

Powell is going to pop a vein when he reads that the paper, which has been unquestionably loyal to him — going so far as to ignore major details, misleading the public, attacking the school board — reported that Holliday approved his removal. He can’t argue that he wasn’t removed, that the Commissioner of Education didn’t approve his termination, can’t argue that the public is unaware. His own paper finally reported something based in reality surrounding that.

For those who keep asking: He remains on unpaid leave, using up accumulated sick days.

This is why Montgomery County can’t have nice things. Fired superintendents ignoring orders from judges while playing flippant games.

More to come a bit later.