What The Heck, Montgomery County?!

Individuals closely aligned with Joshua Powell are still mucking things up. Here’s a thumb-typed report of the latest.

On the evening of Sunday, June 14, Mt. Sterling Police contacted Montgomery County Schools police officer/rent-a-cop, Chris Barrier, to inform him about a call they’d received. According to sources within the school district, someone made posts somewhere on the web about a plan to shoot up/cause harm at one of the elementary schools. Stupid, sure, though still terrifying when kids are involved.

A person with even a rudimentary understanding of child safety would have immediately called their supervisor, the superintendent. But Barrier didn’t call Superintendent Donald Pace. Instead, he emailed Pace late in the evening and Pace remained unaware until Monday. Had he received a telephone call from Barrier, a ‘One Call’ (telephone notification system) could have gone out to parents to let them know summer classes and programs like day care had been canceled for the day.

According to central office sources, a city cop and multiple members of the school board, Pace immediately went into action upon learning of the situation. He notified employees and word spread quickly throughout all departments. Until the news hit Child Care/Daycare, that is. The department operated by Kristi Carter of alleged iPad whistleblower retaliation infamy.

Carter informed only some of her employees, electing not to advise the individuals who ratted her out to investigators. Carter potentially left children at risk by neglecting to properly inform everyone. At one point during the day, a worker was in an outdoor play area with children and she was informed that she needed to bring kids back inside because they had work to do. She wasn’t advised of the threat that had been made. Lockdown and protection procedures were not put into action. Parents were also kept in the dark.

Throughout the days following, field trips were canceled (a trip to the movies canceled for “rain”) and outdoor events were moved indoors (BBQ with bouncy houses moved inside a gymnasium). Parents still weren’t notified. Most didn’t find out until they heard from police officers. Some employees still have not heard from Carter about what occurred.

Mt. Sterling Police are investigating. School district administrators are investigating the breakdown in communication. Everyone is thankful nothing more serious occurred.

And you wonder why Montgomery County can’t have nice things.