Powells Are Still Playing Games In MoCo

On the evening of Monday, May 11, 2015, the Montgomery County Board of Education eliminated dozens of positions within the troubled school district. Among them was the position currently held by illegally-hired Anna Powell, wife of recently-fired former superintendent Joshua Powell.

State law requires individuals who are in positions being eliminated and individuals not being contractually renewed for employment be advised of such in writing. And on the morning of Wednesday, May 13, 2015, acting superintendent Donald Pace sent a letter to Anna Powell via school police officer Chris Barrier.

Rather than tell you what happened, we’ll let you read it for yourself from an email Barrier sent to Pace some 20 minutes after delivering the letter:


Text of the email:

At 1135am on May 13, 2015 I served Dr. A. Powell with service provided by the board office.
She received the notice, read it, and stated “oh this is my non renewal”
She then got in her car and called Dr, J. Powell who advised her to give the letter back and not to sign the receipt letter.
He further advised her to inform me to “have Jacqui or Phil deliver the notice if they felt the need to do so.”

I accepted the letter back from her at that point and left school and left school and informed Cindy Kincaid of the exchange.

For the sake of documenting everything, here’s the letter to Powell:


Text of the letter:

Dear Ms. Powell:

Pursuant to KRS 161.750, your limited contract and your entire employment with the Montgomery County Schools will not be renewed for the 2015-16 school year.

I thank you for your services to the students of Montgomery County Schools and wish you the best in the future.

After that, Powell attempted to claim that the district had not properly informed her that her position was being eliminated. Neither she nor her husband expected Barrier to do the right thing by detailing events in writing, emailing it to his boss 20 minutes later.

This is the May 21 letter Powell sent to Pace requesting a list of reasons for her non-renewal:


Text of the letter (emphasis ours):

May 21, 2015


Dear Mr. Pace:

As of the date of this letter, I do not have any correspondence detailing my employment with Montgomery County Public Schools for the 2015-2016 school year. I understand that my position as Director of Special Projects may have been abolished at the May 11, 2015 school board meeting but I have never received any information regarding the impact of this possible abolishment on my employment for the next school year.

If I have been nonrenewed, I am requesting a reason or basis for that decision. If the reason is due to the abolishment of my position, I would like an explanation for the abolishment. During the board meeting, there was no discussion of the “why” my position was abolished. Since my position is vital to ensure federal and state compliance and more importantly, that effective services are provided to students who receive special education services, it is puzzling why an abolishment would be a logical decision.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your response.


Anna L. Powell, Ph.D.
Director of Special Projects

*cough* Bullsh*t *cough*

Her position is neither vital nor required. And, as you’ve read, she lied about not having received her notification letter.

If all that weren’t enough, Anna Powell tried to pull another stunt in the style of her husband:


Text of the email in which she hints at conspiring with Jacqui Johnston to pull off said stunt:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 11:41 PM


Subject: Open Records Request


Per our conversation following the board meeting tonight, I am requesting that you email me the following items: (1) Personnel agenda, and other materials related, approved at the May 26th board meeting; (2) Any correspondence/letter, and materials related to, addressed to me regarding employment for next school year.

I hope that you can forward these materials to me immediately since there are very few pages. It is okay to send me multiple emails to cover the records request. For example, you could forward me the personnel agenda to me almost immediately.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Anna L. Powell, Ph.D.
Director of Special Projects
Montgomery County Schools.

Mind boggled?

To avoid further drama, Pace took matters into his own hands and personally delivered a response to Anna Powell.

Here’s what he took to her on May 28:


Text of the letter:

Dear Dr. Powell:

I have received your letter dated May 21, 2015 requesting reasons for the nonrenewal of your employment contract with Montgomery County School District and this letter is written to provide you with those reasons.

First, I found your leadership ineffective.

Second, according to the December 17, 2013 report of the Auditor of Public Accounts, your hiring was deemed to be improper.

Third, the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education indicated in his letter of May 11, 2015, that your hiring was improper, as well.

Finally, the Board abolished your position at their May 11, 2015, public board meeting to allow future compliance with the recommendation of both the Auditor of Public Accounts and Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education.

It is the legal authority of the Board of Education to abolish and create positions. Once a position is abolished by the Board, it is my duty to take the appropriate personnel action.


Donald Pace, Superintendent.

It was witnessed by Melody Claypoole:



That really happened.