Some Afternoon Montgomery Co Tidbits

Some things:

  • Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday’s inner circle has refused to provide comment either on or off-the-record but other Kentucky Department of Education sources and members of the Montgomery County Board of Education tell us Holliday was deposed last week by Joshua Powell’s attorneys. The deposition is in Powell’s case against the board for what he alleges is wrongful termination. You can only imagine how crazy that was. Particularly in light of Holliday saying Powell’s termination was absolutely legal and just.
  • Powell is still pushing ahead with his lawsuit and with his request for a due process hearing. Though, the hearing won’t take place until July — long after his original contract would have expired.
  • Powell has not returned district-owned equipment. He probably thinks he’s being slick in pretending he’s permitted to keep equipment until June 30.
  • District officials are in panic mode after yesterday’s revelation regarding faux booster spending.