Contract For New Montgomery County Superintendent Could Prevent Powell-Like Problems

Montgomery County Schools hired a new superintendent last week and Matthew Thompson has finally signed a contract.


  • A morality clause (!)
  • Base pay is $10,000 less than Powell initially received
  • No more “consulting” work during business hours
  • No more legal CYA with friendly attorneys
  • No more annual $5,000 annuities
  • No $650/month vehicle allowance
  • No $250/month technology allowance
  • $2,500 moving expenses instead of $10,000

The biggest part of Thompson’s contract — with our emphasis:


Superintendent shall comply with Professional Code of Ethics and agree to comply with KRS 161.790, and so that the Contract shall remain in force during the Superintendent’s good behavior and efficient and competent service and Superintendent agrees that “just cause” shall include but not be limited to:

a. Insubordination, including but not limited to violation of the school laws of the state or administrative regulations adopted by the Kentucky Board of Education, the Education Professional Standards Board, or lawful rules and regulations established by the local board of education for the operation of schools, or refusal to recognize or obey the authority of the Kentucky Department of Education and the Board in the performance of his duties;

b. Immoral character or conduct unbecoming an educator;

c. Physical or mental disability; or

d. Inefficiency, incompetency, or neglect of duty.

Every single line of that was a slap in the face to Joshua Powell. Review Powell’s contract here and here.

Review Thompson’s contract below:

In PDF form:


If you’re on mobile and can’t access PDFs, in JPG form:


Beginning of a new era for Montgomery County Schools?

Time will tell.