Montgomery Co Chromebook Update

Montgomery County Schools can’t afford textbooks but it’s still moving forward with that ridiculous Chromebook plan.

Turns out? The situation is so messy that district leadership can’t even get its budget in order.

We’ve cut video down from the latest board meeting — primarily because someone uttered “um” more than 200 times in ten minutes — to give you a taste of the mess:

When will the school board, led by Alice Anderson, get it through its head that every expenditure made in the district needs to be reviewed by the board every single month? After the past four years, it should be beyond clear that extreme efforts need to be made to get things back on track. There’s zero reason not to spend a couple extra hours per month reviewing a detailed line item budget.

There’s so little trust in the district that it’s actually unfair to the incoming superintendent not to review everything.

But we’re talking about the Montgomery County, so it’s tough to have reasonable expectations.

Will the board toughen up? Will it stop publicly pushing to dismiss lawsuits while being privately supportive? Will it force Joshua Powell to return taxpayer-owned equipment and resources? Will the group have the guts to stand up to its small town newspaper?

The current board may be 99% less corrupt than the previous board but the levels of paranoia and timidity are through the roof.