Montgomery County School Board Hired A New Superintendent & More

On May 19 the Montgomery County Board of Education met in special session to prepare for its regularly monthly meeting.

You thought there weren’t still serious financial concerns in the district?

Some highlights:

The board met for its regular monthly meeting last night.

After considering Coy Sammons (Paintsville Independent) and Mike Stacy (Woodford Co), the board voted 5-0 to hire Matthew Thompson of Scott County. Which is probably a good thing, as Sammons hired his wife. Legal or not, the appearance of impropriety in that situation is extreme in light of the Joshua Powell-Anna Powell mess.

And Stacy, who has since taken a job elsewhere, was (according to Woodford County officials) tied to both Joshua Powell and Phil Rison, was considered a bit of a protégé of the failed Fayette County superintendent and was rejected by Franklin County Schools in 2012.

The Kentucky School Boards Association, which identified Sammons as a top pick, probably shot itself in the foot with that one. Or… KSBA intentionally tainted the pool of applicants with the assistance of its attorney, who is apparently close friends with Anna Powell.

It took more than two weeks for the board to finalize Thompson’s contract. Once he’s signed it, we’ll share it here on Page One.

Thompson currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Learning for Scott County Schools and has previously worked in Fayette and Franklin Counties. Of the finalists, he appears to be the only candidate with strong ties to the Central Kentucky region.

The announcement:

Scott County is currently in a bit of turmoil and it remains to be seen whether or not Thompson has what it takes to clean Montgomery County up. Board members tell us they have concerns about him bringing colleagues from Scott County into Montgomery County Schools, you can bet there will be drama. After the past four years of back scratching and good old boy politics, that’s the last thing MoCo needs.

Quite a bit more occurred during the meeting and we’ll have the footage soon. Lots of fun things like Jacqui Johnston getting hounded by board members over financial shenanigans. Maybe we’ll even include footage of the sheriff and his son, a state trooper, cutting up with Powell supporters while pointing at people who have sued the district.