Special Ed Emerges As MoCo Problem

Now that you know the Kentucky Department of Education investigated Joshua Powell’s cohorts in Montgomery County Schools for special education testing problems, it’s clear that a troubling pattern has emerged.

That comes on top of Holliday saying in his letter to the school board that text scores rose because of the disproportionate boost in special education students.

After Powell himself claimed in his 65-page rebuttal letter that special education dollars had doubled during his tenure.

The individual at the helm of special education is Joshua Powell’s illegally-hired wife, Anna.

Their special education right hand, Dena Amburgy, has seen her job abolished.

While everyone twiddles their thumbs, nothing to see here, move along?

Enough red flags have been raised to make it clear Montgomery County is incapable of cleaning up its own mess. KDE is incapable. It’s time for the feds to sweep in.

Another piece to the testing puzzle: Michelle Henry, who played a large role in testing, was pushed out by Powell just a couple weeks before middle school testing was to begin. Her co-workers eventually left or were forced out in scandal after scandal. Larry Bailey came along as Powell’s pick for principal but even he’s since fled, touting test scores on his job application as a selling point.

Nothing to see here, though, move along, puppies, rainbows…