Flashback To 2011 In Montgomery Co

While Montgomery County Schools is in the midst of searching for a new superintendent, we thought it’d be a good idea to take one more trip down memory lane.

Specifically, to look at the finalists for that position in 2011.

Here’s a release the board put out at the time:


Creepy stuff, really.

But not as creepy as what’s gone on behind the scenes…

The Kentucky School Boards Association has been in charge of finding applicants for the job in Montgomery County. It’s gone about as badly as you’ve likely expected.

Because we hear from sources in Fayette County that one of those above named individuals was once again in the running (not Wright).

And we hear KSBA referred a candidate who hired his wife to work in his small Eastern Kentucky school district. Because that’s exactly what Montgomery County needs. A superintendent tainted with the appearance of impropriety of having hired his wife. No, the excuse of having a Site-Based Decision Making Council hire one’s spouse won’t cut it. The appearance of impropriety is high.

It’s time for all school boards to start looking outside Kentucky and specifically outside the KSBA.

P.S. I hear the new supe will be named publicly quite soon.