Daniel Grossberg Hyping Things Up

Really? Under attack for being Jewish?

The subject reads, “Help Me Combat Anti-Semitism Today” and here’s the accompanying email:


That Jacob Conway fellow went off on him for several minutes but his religion/ethnicity/etc was but a tiny part of it. Re-listen to the audio for proof. It’s one thing to cherry pick for a salacious headline and another for a statewide campaign to hype something up for political gain.

The problem was the attempted blackmail/extortion. Or, really, that Grossberg hired Conway even after everything that played out in 2013.

Attempting to use this for political gain, as Grossberg has done since we leaked the audio his publicist shopped around to every media outlet in Louisville is just… it sadly reveals that Grossberg isn’t ready for primetime and definitely cannot handle Frankfort. Because hyping this particular issue up on the last day of the campaign — in Kentucky — highlights a severe lack of political acumen.