Secret Audio Affirms Whistleblower Retaliation Claims In Montgomery Co

A year ago we revealed that Montgomery County Schools’ Kristi Carter, of iPad infamy, was conspiring with her employees to secretly record meetings in an attempt to determine who was revealing their secrets… that they shared on government equipment using government email accounts and telephone numbers.

Since then, Carter, along with the school district, have been sued and information that can only be considered scandalous has surfaced at every turn.

You already know Jennifer Hall is the whistleblower in the iPad scandal. You know the Powell/Carter crew retaliated against her. You know they attempted to defame her in the press. You know they attempted, based on police reports, to tear her apart despite law enforcement repeatedly advising them otherwise.

But today you get to hear a secret recording made during a meeting that provides even more evidence that entire Montgomery County team tried to operate outside the law.

Recorded months after Mike Martin (school cop) had reported to Kentucky State Police that Powell & Company attempted to frog march Jennifer Hall in front of the press. Speaking during the recording are Joshua Powell, who mentions is prosecutor buddy; Jacqui Johnston, the only female recorded; Phil Rison, who sounds surprised to discover one of his cronies lied to him; and Mike Martin.

There’s not much commentary to offer because it’s pretty damning. They never showed concern for the child at the center of this. Their concern was for Kristi Carter and that tells you most everything you need to know. Jennifer Hall never told police or the OAG that there was child porn… but photos of a child being sent to a random guy in a seemingly flirtatious manner without permission from that child’s parents.

Mike Martin told Powell, Rison and Johnston what was illegal and what wasn’t. They rebuffed him, ignored him, cracked jokes about what he was saying and moved forward in retaliating against Jennifer Hall.