Look How Easy It Is To Get A Job In West Virginia When You’re Fleeing Joshua Powell’s Wave of Corruption

Former Montgomery County Schools principal Larry Bailey caused a bit of a stink a couple weeks ago when he fled the school district for West Virginia.

Curious about why he would leave Montgomery County just three weeks before the end of the school year, we started poking around in West Virginia and got our hands on his application for employment. Turns out, he started applying for jobs in Charleston on February 9, right after discovering he would be forced testify, along with his wife, at the Education Professional Standards Board.

And, it turns out, you don’t have to submit a resume or cover letter to get a job as a principal in Kanawha County Public Schools.

Redactions in black are ours, redactions in white were made by Kanawha County:


The West Virginia district is claiming it can’t release the names of Bailey’s references because they’re confidential. We’re fighting that. There doesn’t appear to be anything within WV’s code to suggest that names are confidential, as they’re not in Kentucky. It doesn’t help matters that Kanawha County released Bailey’s private home address, cell phone number, email address and more. So it’s clear confidentiality is not their strong suit.

Why hide references? Bailey’s been freaking out about it, according to two members of the Kanawha County Board of Education we’ve spoken with.

We’ve appealed to their state’s Attorney General.