Another Powell Player Comes To Light

Lisa Stone is a name that has repeatedly popped up the past couple years in the Joshua Powell – Montgomery County Schools scandal. It’s not a secret that she’s a member of Powell’s circle and one of his biggest confidants. She’s presented with Powell at conferences and currently serves as one of his professional references.

So it will come as no surprise to anyone that she’s been involved for years in assisting in the mess you’ve come to know as… everyday life in Montgomery County.

When Powell’s legal trouble started bubbling to the surface in 2012, here’s what went down with his private law firm, ELPO, paid for with your taxpayer dollars:


And here’s Jacqui Johnston directing Stone to spread it far and wide:


Things got more fascinating when Joshua Powell sent these documents to Johnston and Stone:


Lots of fun there regarding open meetings, discipline, due process, board legal representation and Title IX.

Why was this all coming about? Because the Powell Crew wanted yet another person gone. We’ll tell you more about the whole situation quite soon.

Ready for us to start going through our latest treasure trove of documents?