Powell’s Confidants Quitting In Droves

Another confidant in Joshua Powell’s circle of folks at Montgomery County Schools has jumped ship.

The latest is middle school principal, Larry Bailey, husband of Catherine Bailey.

From WSAZ:

A new principal could be named for one of the largest high schools in West Virginia.


Kanawha County School Superintendent Ron Duerring will recommend one of the top four candidates to the school board to be hired.

Earlier this month, Superintendent Dr. Ron Duerring told WSAZ the board wants somebody who can lead the school academically, like they want in every one of the schools, and one who’s open to the community and willing to work with the community and the students, and everyone whose involved with Capital High School.

The new principal will replace Clinton Giles who retired earlier this year.

Later in the evening he was hired:

At its meeting Monday, April 27, the Kanawha County School Board announced the newest Capital High School principal: Larry Bailey.

Bailey previously served as the principal of J.B. McNabb Middle School in Montgomery County, KY.

You’ll definitely want to watch the video of the outrageous school board meeting that accompanies the story:

Turns out Bailey is walking into a lion’s den. Here’s why the former principal “retired” a couple months ago:

Capital High School principal Clinton Giles will face a misdemeanor charge for failing to notify law enforcement of a sexual assault at the school in a timely manner.

Kanawha County prosecutor Chuck Miller announced Tuesday that Giles learned of the sexual assault the day it happened, Jan. 26, but did not notify police until the next day.


The prosecutor said Giles deliberately delayed informing police.

“It’s the information we have that he talked to the resource officer after (the assault) was reported and he never mentioned it to the resource office,” said Miller.


Investigators said Giles learned of the assault the day it occurred but instructed two assistant principals to not say anything until they reviewed surveillance video the next morning. Court documents indicate Giles was notified the tape revealed a struggle. Investigators said Giles again instructed his staff not to report the incident until he had a chance to consult with the Kanawha County Board of Education Office on how to proceed.

No wonder we received more than 16,000 hits from Charleston overnight.