Chinese Program Ended, Budget Sneakiness & More In Montgomery Co

During last week’s Montgomery County School Board meeting, the controversial Chinese language program was finally put out of its misery.

Here are the highlights:

Yep, you heard that correctly — the program was costing gobs of unnecessary cash, too many teachers were in the program, there was too much instructional time because Joshua Powell thought it’d be a good idea to take away from other subjects and to beat it all? Kids were losing what they’d learned because there’s no foreign language program at the middle school level.

Later in the meeting another Jacqui Johnston/Phil Rison stunt reared its ugly head in the form of a slick attempt to get the district-wide hiring freeze lifted:

For the millionth time, board attorney Michelle Williams provided her opinion that you can’t just give away school property to Powell’s friend, the sheriff, just because he asked for it:

Finally, we got another glimpse at Jacqui Johnston attempting to pull a fast one over on the board by being sneaky with the district’s salary schedule:

And you wonder why little is improving? It’s because the problem for Montgomery County Schools wasn’t just Joshua Powell.