Powell Was In Deep With Finances

After all these months/years, you’re still wondering why it’s been tough to get accurate financial information out of Montgomery County Schools?

Partly because Joshua Powell has served as secretary and treasurer of entities like the Montgomery County School District Finance Corporation:


Which still lists the previous school board members.

It’s also because Powell and the attorney he convinced the former school board to use, Mike Owsley of ELPO, kept the board and its attorney, Michelle Williams, in the dark. Refusing to discuss anything.

In fact, school board members tell us they weren’t given access to the district’s full financial records until after Powell was suspended.

Turns out? Powell didn’t put the district in great financial shape. The previous superintendent did, leaving a large surplus/contingency fund. And each year Powell served as superintendent, the district’s fund didn’t grow. It fell by about a million dollars each year. Effectively killing the talking point Powell uses about being the school district’s financial savior.