Holliday Was More Deeply Involved In Powell’s World Than Previously Thought

According to records obtained from the Kentucky Department of Education, fired Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell met with “resigned” Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday in late July.


Powell sent a copy of his resume to Holliday shortly after that meeting:


You’ll chuckle when you read it:


Fascinating to see some of those presentations he gave with his inner circle: Larry Bailey, Catherine Bailey. Didn’t bother mentioning that his wife presented with him in Italy, however.

He sent Holliday another message about a week later regarding a Department of Defense job he’d applied for and included an updated copy of his resume with a cover letter:


Updated resume and cover letter:


Check out his accomplishments. Listing things like mandated raises that were required by the state.

And his references:


  • Terry Holliday
  • Richard Hughes, MSU, misinformation campaign infamy
  • Kenney Gulley, former board chair
  • Lisa Stone
  • Patricia Sheffer, former Union County cohort
  • David Barnett, MSU
  • Phil Rison
  • Artie White, Montgomery County’s “auditor”, turned many a blind eye

The best part was his cover letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently, I became aware of a vacancy in your organization. With this letter, I am formally applying for a position. I am very interested in an interview and look forward to learning more about your organization and sharing my ideas.

I am currently in my ninth year as a public school superintendent and have gained unique experience in turning around three public school districts. As a staunch advocate for public education reform, I have contributed to the improvement of public education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by demonstrating that dramatic improvement can occur in a relatively short period of time. My passion and dedication to this endeavor can best be explained in the vision currently held at Montgomery County Public Schools: To Lead All of Kentucky’s Children by Achieving Top Ten In Everything We Do. I have focused on and made significant improvements in areas such as student achievement, working conditions, resources and culture. I remain a strong proponent of the interconnectedness of organizational performance and workplace norms and consider that focus to be the primary reason for achieving tremendous success in all three districts.

As a change agent, I have navigated through a range of obstacles and have gained experience in dealing with multiple entities. Furthermore, the undertaking of changing the culture of a bureaucratically-driven, low-performing organization into a results-driven, highly-efficient organization has provided me with unparalleled insight and knowledge regarding transformational change.

I am fortunate to have had opportunities to positively impact the lives of students and am eager to be a part of something even greater. I consider myself a visionary leader with unsurpassed belief and passion for excellence, and I have consistently demonstrated the courage required to make difficult decisions. I am seeking a career experience that would be suitably paired with my leadership abilities and potential. I wholeheartedly welcome an interview so that I may be able to further discuss the prospect of joining your organization.


Joshua E. Powell, Ph.D.

The terrifying thing? Holliday was serving as a reference for Powell! After everything that had gone on. And he was still trying to help him get another job.

But probably not as terrifying as the reality that Powell fancies himself a “change agent” and “visionary leader”. Particularly in light of the malicious and vindictive way he’s gone after anyone who questions him or attempts to hold him accountable.