An Early Spring Joshua Powell EPSB/Montgomery County Schools Investigation Update

To give you an idea of how serious the Education Professional Standards Board case is against Joshua Powell, the embattled Montgomery County Schools superintendent, let this sink in:

According to our sources, it’s taken EPSB officials MORE THAN 14 DAYS to present all the evidence against Powell.

So… That should be fun.

But not quite as fun as the monstrous report set to be released by the law firm hired to investigate what’s gone on in Montgomery County. Based on the sheer number of people who have reached out to say they’ve been interviewed, it’s going to send shockwaves through the community. Or it would if we hadn’t already reported everything throughout the past couple years.

What I mean is all hell’s about to break loose. From juicy EPSB stories you know I’ll have to share. To the board report. To the massive house cleaning currently taking place.

Get ready. Rest up. It gets crazier in 3, 2…