Montgomery Co Schools Employees Are Quitting More Quickly Than Expected

Nope, haven’t forgotten about Montgomery County Schools.

Here’s the latest:

ANOTHER person has jumped ship. This time it’s the volleyball coach. John High. He replaced Kelly Wallace, one of several people suing the school district and might as well be former superintendent Joshua Powell.

High was hired for last season and has maintained close ties to Phil Rison. His daughter, Jenna, served as an assistant coach and is best pals with Rison’s daughter, Lindsay.

Guess he’s seen the writing on the wall.

Or Phil’s told him it’s time to get out.


Hear through the grapevine that Joshua Powell is attempting to depose school board members.

Can you even? Hahahaha.

Just imagine the hilarity that would ensue with all the school board members saying hilarious/awful/alarming BUT TRUE things during those sessions. Imagine all the fun it would be to get that guy in a deposition. Each and every board member would have a field day.

You think the Will Coursey deposition video was magical? Hoo boy, you don’t even know.