Montgomery County School Board Seems To Be All Talk, Little Action

You know how the Montgomery County School Board is quickly trying to prove to the community it serves that it has no guts? That it’s the Kenney Gulley Show 2.0?

The board is still allowing Joshua Powell to be represented by Mike Owsley and ELPO, despite a vote by the board to assert that there’s a huge conflict of interest.

In fact, the board is allowing ELPO to represent Powell at a couple status hearings today for lawsuits that have been filed against him and the district. The suits filed by Michelle Goins-Henry and Amanda Reffitt, if you’re wondering.

Elizabeth Deener of Landrum & Shouse is representing the board during those hearings.

Surely they’ll start settling these cases quickly. Since all the board members I’ve spoken with say off the record they know all of these people have been wronged. Right? Or would the board rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars paying a big law firm to effectively defend the actions of Joshua Powell when it could spend way less settling and giving people their jobs back? My money’s on paying attorneys because common sense doesn’t exist there.

And surely they’ll start demanding ELPO cut ties with Powell. Unless they’re keen on allowing everything they say and do to come across as toothless.

Haha, no they won’t. Just teasing.

Why won’t the board do anything? Because it believes that would slow down EPSB proceedings against Powell. If he’s forced to give up ELPO, the EPSB process stalls as Powell either begins to represent himself or hires a new attorney, allowing them to get caught up to speed.

But that doesn’t matter. The investigating attorneys don’t need to interview anyone testifying before the EPSB. They have all the dirt necessary. The board is just being unreasonably wishy washy.

For the board’s attorneys: How you gonna let someone tell you they have a recording of Joshua Powell allegedly discussing the manipulation of test scores and not request a copy?! HEAD-DESK.

Really… what the heck is going on in Montgomery County? These folks are dragging their feet harder than Joshua Powell trying to get out of his EPSB hearing(s). The investigating firm has just begun to interview people. Based on what I’ve heard from several of the people interviewed? Some major issues are being ignored and unbelievably damning evidence (that I haven’t written about, even!) isn’t being requested.

Time to fish or cut bait, Montgomery County. All eyes are on you.

To answer some of your questions…

Am I critical? Hell yes.

Impatient? Definitely. Dangle a carrot cake in front of me and I’ll eat your arm off. But not about Montgomery County. This has gone on for more than two years.

Do I bite my tongue and occasionally sit on stories? Yep, but not to give people time to clean things up. Just because there are so many damning stories. So. Many. Right now we’re trying to analyze recordings from four different people. You ever tried to listen to 2 gigs of audio while keeping up with hundreds of records requests?

Do I think slick attorneys are taking advantage of the district because they think those small town folks won’t realize they’re being fleeced? I know it. Slow poking and thousands of billable hours are a cash cow. Milking it for life.

What do I know about happenings at EPSB? You probably won’t see a report until late fall. The case against Powell is career-ending. There’s less crazy in an actual circus.

Is there a positive to allowing ELPO to continue representing Powell? Absolutely. Based solely on ELPO’s track record with Powell, he’s guaranteed to lose everything.

Anything else from Union County? Hold your horsies. Hoo boy, hold your horsies. You won’t believe. Okay, you’ll believe it. But it’s still a ruh ro moment.