Here’s What Happened At MoCo’s Board Meeting

Tuesday evening’s school board meeting in Montgomery County was a big one because an acting superintendent was named, sending chills down the spines of many in the district.

Before we get to that — public commentary has started again in. This week it’s the guy who thought running for city council would help him clean up the school district. Good intentions, whatever, no one cares at this point.

What he had to say was kind of relevant about what’s going on with the district’s silly Chromebook shenanigans:

NOTE: We cut out his mostly ill-informed rant about testing. Pro-tip: If you don’t want your kids to take part in testing, it shouldn’t be because of your imaginary common core Frankfort boogeyman. It should probably be because testing in that district is one big bottle of fraud.

Yep, it’s still a disaster. Joshua Powell and Brett Higgins, the two people who created the Chromebook mess, have fled or are fleeing and leaving everyone else to clean up the pieces.

Now for what you’re really interested in. The new acting superintendent, Donald Pace, was appointed:

NOTE: Ignore the video quality. Just crank up the volume to hear the pertinent bits.

Says a lot that the entire board voted to hire him — including Donna Wilson.

He started work today and the housecleaning has begun.