Local Paper Lets Joshua Powell Bury Himself

It’s become abundantly clear that the Mt. Sterling Advocate is the absolute worst. At least when it comes to its readership getting any semblance of an honest story about what’s gone on with Joshua Powell and Montgomery County Schools.

But you know what it is good for?

Hilarity! And for allowing Powell to burn his own barn down.

Let’s lookit some excerpts from the paper’s March 19 coverage:

Powell testified during last week’s hearing that while he is receiving his salary during his suspension, he is not receiving other benefits, including $900 a month for travel and technology expenses and $11,000 he claims is owed to him by the district.

Powell told the judge he has not been able to travel to a national conference at which he was to speak, which he said would benefit both the district and himself, as he would be able to look for other employment.

PEE ALERT? Powell claims he’s been unable to attend conferences because the board won’t pay for him to travel — that it’s preventing him from getting a job.

Once you’ve finished laughing…

Powell can’t get a job because there are like 800 pending lawsuits against him, he’s under EPSB investigation, the board has suspended him and will be naming an acting superintendent in a matter of days, the state auditor says he illegally hired his wife and the feds are sniffing around.

The bit about travel? Let’s get real. Even if he wasn’t suspended by the board, he wouldn’t have been able to travel. Those dates coincide with EPSB hearing dates. Dates Powell was required to remain in Kentucky. Pretty conniving how he and his attorney, Ed Massey, used a flat-out lie in an attempt to spin Judge Coleman. That had nothing to do with the school board. Just plain shady.

Not being able to afford to travel? Guess that’s why he and his family weren’t able (cough) to fly to Florida from Lexington last week. Right? Because he can’t afford to travel?

The best part: Powell at the same time tried to get out of his EPSB hearing by claiming… wait for it… that he had to travel to a conference.


The paper decided to promote this nonsense it got from Powell. Apparently, the school district once again paid District Administration Magazine for a fake award:

Montgomery County Schools named District of Distinction

By Ariana Rawls Fine

Montgomery County Schools has been named a District of Distinction by District Administration magazine. Montgomery County was among 62 districts that were honored in the March 2015 round of Districts of Distinction, the magazine’s national recognition program for K12 school districts.

The magazine sent out a request for submissions and it was suggested Montgomery County submit the district on the basis of its reading program—iRead to Succeed. The district sent its submission at the beginning of December…

Fascinating stuff.

What’ll happen in Montgomery County when people begin to realize there’s been testing fraud, financial impropriety, nepotism, whistleblower retaliation, gender discrimination, open records violations galore? Will people be upset? Will they be surprised? How will they feel when they learn that kids have been placed under the wing of special education in an attempt to rake in more cash and manipulate test scores? Will it be shock and awe?

We’ll never know because the paper will never shed light on anything. Those folks have been complicit in the nightmare that is Montgomery County Schools.