Montgomery County School Board Secrecy 2.0

The Montgomery County Board of Education has decided it doesn’t want to be open and transparent about the individual it’s hiring to serve as acting superintendent.

Rather than be the opposite of everything the board was when Kenny Gulley was chair, the current board is conducting a telephone “interview.”

Even if they already know who they want to hire to replace Joshua Powell, the board owes it to the public and the school system to at least fake it. In a public hearing. Not behind closed doors. Not in secret.

A real shyster move being orchestrated by those folks.

Secrecy is what allowed Montgomery County Schools to fall into such disrepair. This cannot continue. Even if it’s uncomfortable for the board members. Even if they’re doing the right thing and are selecting the right individual for the job. Transparency is a must.

Related: there are about 60 pending comments about this very topic, so there’s no way for anyone to blame board members for leaking information to us. It’s apparently a hot topic of conversation in the community.

And for the record? You can’t “leak” something that occurs during a public hearing in an open courtroom where reporters are present.