Will Montgomery Co Ever Quit It With The Financial Impropriety? Time For Less Talk And More Action

Remember, oh, a million years ago when we ran a story about Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell moving around $30,000 to cover childcare/daycare problems?

And the story we ran yesterday about $20,000 a year that’s effectively just up and disappeared?

Let’s flash back to this text message exchange between Kristi Carter and one of her cohorts where they discuss the expenditure of tons of cash:


Guess what was never purchased. Old, broken toys and games have been prevalent for ages. Nothing was ever bought.

Remember when daycare funds were spent on rocking chairs for retirees instead of kids?



Montgomery County Schools, despite now having a decent school board, is an absolute disaster.

Don’t believe the hype. It’s a real life disaster. A financial pit and educational fraud. Ripe for federal intervention on not just the financial front but absolutely on the testing scandal and special education fronts.

It’s beyond time for swift action.

The board has to stop dragging its feet with the investigation of Powell. It’s borderline cowardly and shameful. Montgomery County taxpayers and students deserve better. People are beginning to lose patience. There are hundreds of emails and comments every day expressing frustration with the slowness and lack of change in the district.

From the outside, attorneys appear to be dragging their feet and milking this for all it’s worth. As someone who has had a better look inside than most? I can’t say that’s not happening. What I can say? Those attorneys met this week with people who should have been interviewed weeks ago.

An acting superintendent needs to be appointed and firings need to begin now. They can start with Powell and follow up with his wife, suing to force her to pay back her illegal salary. Adam Edelen can help with that. Then let them go one by one. Phil Rison, Jacqui Johnston, Kristi Carter, Cindy Kincaid, the finance people who moved from Menifee County, the entirety of the special education and special projects department, all of the technology folks, everyone working as a “curriculum specialist” (that’s not a real thing), most of the principals — especially the double dippers, the laughable top school cop, the other guy with a violent criminal history and a handful of teachers.

Pink slip city.

You know it’s that bad. Bad enough that people could end up indicted or in jail.

Enough is enough.