Montgomery Co Schools Have A Monster Of A Problem With Job Descriptions & Personnel Shenanigans

We’ve been examining various job descriptions of high-level employees of Montgomery County Schools. Today we’re focusing on Kristi Carter, otherwise known as the iPad lady.

She wears many hats and has, over the years, grown to be a confidant of outgoing superintendent Joshua Powell. Her job description has changed frequently and she’s gone from being a daycare worker (or whatever) to being Director of Public Relations (because a do-nothing small town school district neeeeeds that, obviously) while at the same time serving as the childcare director. Note: She started climbing the ranks when she joined Powell’s team by trash-talking Phil Rison.

Have a look at her current job description:


But there’s a bit of a problem.

According to state law, Carter can’t be childcare director if she’s doing all of those other things.

From 922 KAR 2:110:

Section 4. Director Requirements and Responsibilities.

(1) Effective with the adoption of this administrative regulation, a director shall:


(c) Not be employed in a position other than an on-site child care director, or director of multiple facilities, during the hours the child-care center is in operation

That’s a problem for the district, to say the least. Both for Carter and the people responsible for her job description. I.E., Powell and his henchwoman, Jacqui Johnston, who handles personnel.

To top it off? The bulk of her pay comes from childcare but the majority of her job description involves PR.

If you thought Montgomery County’s headaches would disappear with the departure of Joshua Powell? You’d be mistaken.

BONUS: The best part? She’s had all kinds of ‘jobs’ within the district.

Like heading technology (yep, her, technology), where she supervised and evaluated Brett Higgins:


What, you thought we were finished with the mountains of text messages we’ve obtained? Pbbbbt.