Montgomery Co. School Board Special Session To Make Heads Roll

Tomorrow evening the Montgomery County Board of Education will hold a special session to discuss gobs of stuff.

Two big items among that gob? The Chromebook disaster and installing a superintendent (items 11/XI 14/XIV).

Here’s the agenda:



XI. Discussion/Possible Action Regarding Summit Funding Group Chromebook Lease Acceptance Certificate


XIV. Discussion/Possible Action to Authorize the Board Chair and Vice Chair to Screen, Interview, and Report to the Board Regarding Acting Superintendent

What won’t be discussed tomorrow related to the Chromebook fiasco? Any safeguards that are in place for student data. The district hasn’t been able to provide us with specifics because… wait for it… there are no safeguards. None. Absolutely none. There’s only hot air.

The rest? Means the board is soon, though not tomorrow, going to name an acting superintendent.

And all of the bad actors who remain in the school district need to get ready to clean out their desks.