Misleading In Montgomery Co. One More Time

You know what’s crazy?

Running a headline like this:


Only to have this as the opening paragraph:

Results from a survey of parents and teachers about the Chinese Language Program in Montgomery County Schools showed mixed, but somewhat supportive results for the program.

That’s right — only somewhat supportive.


Thankfully, the paper in Mt. Sterling went on to highlight the abysmal survey results, which were highlighted during the last full school board meeting.

Some of those highlights:

  • A strong majority disagreed with the statement “at home, my child uses the Chinese language and skills learned in Chinese class.”
  • Asked if they thought the program should continue, 537 said they agree or strongly disagree and 430 said they disagree or strongly agree.
  • Only 14 (!) teachers agree that “the study of Chinese language and culture is an important part of our school’s curriculum.” 29 said they disagree or strongly disagree. Mind you, only 71 teachers responded total.
  • 28 said they agree or strongly agree that “my students are motivated to Attend the Chinese language classroom.” 38 said they disagree or strongly disagree.
  • 29 agree participating in the Chinese program has helped their students, 28 disagree or strongly disagree
  • 40 said they disagree or strongly disagree that “my students use Chinese language and skills learned in the Chinese classroom.” 23 said they agree.
  • 37 disagree or strongly disagree that “the Chinese language program is important in order to increase student achievement at my school.” Only 26 agreed.
  • 33 teachers said “the amount of time my students spend in the Chinese classroom each week is” too much.

What this means? It’s been a bit of a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

Hear it for yourself — here’s an excerpt from the meeting on the 24th:


The school board ought to end the program and focus on a language that is helpful — like spanish. Or, you know, english, since so many administrators in Montgomery County seem to have a serious inability to grasp that particular language.

Time for some back story…

This program was launched because one teacher adopted a child from China. No one can knock them for wanting their child to experience Chinese culture but pushing for taxpayers to make that happen? Borderline reprehensible. It was pushed by that teacher’s extremist church, which involved an elected official at the time, and that led Joshua Powell to believe he could harness a bit more power. But all that fell apart when the Powell crew was broken up in January.

The only board member who wholeheartedly supports it is Donna Wilson, who is slowly but surely beginning to realize she’s been played. Alice Anderson, Kelly Johnson and Bill Morgan appear to realize it’s not much of a benefit for the district. Sharon Smith Breiner seems mostly to question it.

Now it’s time for the school board to clean up yet another mediocre program hatched to make a small number of people feel good and look good. So mediocre, in fact, that parents and teachers question its benefit.