New Montgomery Co Resignation Reveals A Ton

The morning of February 27 I filed an open records request with Montgomery County Schools for several categories of email.

Among them: all email to and from technology director Brett Higgins from his employment start date to February 27 mentioning things like “topix” and “denial of service”. I also requested all email between Higgins and Kristi Carter (iPad lady) mentioning “topix” and “Jennifer Hall.”

The other portions of the request were relatively insignificant.

It took the district until March 10 to get back to me with this:

Debbie has searched the emails per Mr. Payne’s request on Feb 27, 2015. She found 14,411 emails for the request. This does not include any attachments that may be attached to the emails. Based on the burdensome and sheer volume of the requested records, coupled with the necessity of redacting personal information, I think this request needs to be denied.

Jacqui Johnston

Yep. Claiming there are more than FOURTEEN THOUSAND (there aren’t) pages of emails. 14,411.

Don’t worry, I’ll get the emails come hell or high water and already have a portion of them, thanks to KDE.

But here’s the reason for today’s story…

Higgins all the sudden — right after my request was filed — started exhausting his vacation days and resigned from his job. Central office sources tell us there’s been an environment of sheer panic.

He also resigned from the board of Kentucky Society for Technology in Education (KYSTE), which we wrote about in late January when investigating the multimillion dollar Chromebook purchase Joshua Powell made with Higgins’ former employer.


The wall is crumbling.


Guess who was right. (It was me)

For Higgins, there were just over 100 messages.

Though, he’s hiding emails between he and Kristi Carter regarding Topix that I’ve previously published here on Page One — claiming they don’t exist.

And for Jacqui Johnston? There are 264 hits for “subpoena” — and… well… you know how much fun that’s going to be.

So much for Johnston, Higgins and crew attempting to lie, obfuscate and cheat their way out of everything.