Powell Won’t Return To Montgomery Co Schools

Hearing just held.

Joshua Powell won’t be returning to Montgomery County Schools.

It’s not over by a long shot, obviously. But he’s not coming back because this bought a lot of time.

More later.


With the judge telling Powell the board does have the power to suspend him while at the same time denying an injunction, he sent a strong message to all paying attention. Superintendents don’t, contrary to Joshua Powell’s crazy theories, have the ability to run roughshod over school districts with absolutely no board oversight.

They won’t be back in court for a month and everyone with a few functioning brain cells realizes the school board will have terminated Powell by then. So it almost won’t matter.

Now school district employees feel safe in coming forward because they don’t have to fear retaliation. Investigators and even Page One are beginning to hear from people who have been afraid to speak for the past couple years.

Get ready for firings and resignations to start in a few short weeks.