The Powell MoCo Method: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Let’s make this short and sweet.

You’ve heard Kristi Carter’s testimony during iPad whistleblower Jennifer Hall’s employment hearing.

You’ve heard Jacqui Johnston’s testimony.

You know Jennifer Hall filed suit.

You know there’s a police report that appears to prove they were involved in retaliating against Hall.

And what you’re also aware of: embattled superintendent Joshua Powell suing the Montgomery County Board of Education for daring to suspend him with pay while he’s under investigation.

But you know what Powell’s done? Suspended people with pay. People like Jennifer Hall, as he cooked up a retaliation scheme against her (again, police documents back that up).

Here’s Powell’s testimony at Hall’s employment hearing:


Yep. He can suspend people with pay pending investigation but he files suit when his bosses do the same with him.

Fascinating how that works.