Jacqui Johnston Played Role In Retaliation Scheme

In late January we shared more than an hour of testimony from iPad scandal lady, Kristi Carter, of Montgomery County Schools.

She was being coached/questioned/whatever you want to call it by Joshua Powell’s then attorneys during whistleblower Jennifer Hall’s employment hearing. It was a real doozy of an hour and will likely end up helping Hall in her pursuit for justice.

Now it’s time to hear what Jacqui Johnston had to say at that hearing. Johnston is one of Powell’s henchmen (henchwomen?), working to withhold documents from records requests, lying to the school board about Medicaid billing and state licensure, doing whatever it takes to prevent Powell from spilling whatever it is he has on her. Because that’s how he trapped people — got them to do something questionable so he could hold it over their head in exchange for silence. She was a key player from beginning to end.

If you’re unfamiliar with the specifics, here’s a look at Johnston’s involvement in the in the retaliation scheme. Complete with a police report repeatedly naming her to back up what we’ve reported.

And here’s what Johnston had to say during Hall’s hearing:


As you’ve just heard during the past half hour, Johnston was well aware of everything that occurred and deeply involved. She knew the iPad was taken to the Office of the Attorney General, she knew about the child, she knew everything. Yet she still participated in retaliating against Hall.

She’s still in charge of personnel for the district. She still handles billing and finances. You’re paying for her.