No One’s In Charge At Montgomery Co. Schools

Despite being named Assistant Superintendent on the Montgomery County Schools website and elsewhere, Phil Rison has nothing of the sort mentioned in his job description.

The site:


The job description:


That’s leading to drama within the district as everyone scrambles for control.

The latest? Jacqui Johnston, who has in the past acted as assistant superintendent, has told countless people — from school board members to her colleagues — that “Phil has no power, check his job description” (paraphrasing). Because she thought, incorrectly, that she’d be able to be named acting supe. But that won’t be happening, either, because there’s nothing about being assistant superintendent in her job description:


The board will most likely have an name an interim acting assistant superintendent.

Isn’t it crazy how the Powell disciples are fighting it out? Each throwing the other under the bus at every opportunity. Neither with a hope in the world once a new superintendent is hired. Beyond that, Rison faces an upcoming Education Professional Standards Board hearing (for which he wont have ELPO to represent him at taxpayer expense) and sources in state government tell us Johnston will likely end up in a similar spot.

Fun note: Jacqui Johnston tried to withhold the job descriptions from us for a month because… wait for it… the lead technology guy is at a conference this week. Thankfully, the board attorney intervened and had an assistant pass the descriptions along.

Johnston is still attempting to hold other documents that she deems damaging to Joshua Powell and to herself, though. More on that later.