What Happened To MoCo’s KEA Representative?

Gobs of people in Montgomery County have asked what happened with Tim Southern of the Kentucky Education Association.

You’ll likely remember him from his days working against teachers in Montgomery County Schools in favor of supporting (effectively) former superintendent Joshua Powell while complaining about naysayers at school board meetings.

He’s fallen off the radar and many are wondering what’s up. So I got the scoop from several Kentucky Department of Education insiders.

Allegedly, Southern was moved because he’s being investigated by KEA for failing to report complaints filed against Joshua Powell. Surprise, surprise!

Multiple people directly familiar the situation tell us Southern got too close to Powell and bizarrely treated him as family, surprising everyone around him. They all say he lost credibility when he started speaking up during board meetings to defend Powell and his illegally-hired wife, Anna.

One person tells us Southern’s bias toward Powell, instead of teachers, was so blatant that district employees who needed representation refused to communicate with him and approached UniServes in other regions for assistance.

According to multiple people who complained about Southern after their complaints against Powell disappeared, they each tell us KEA quickly moved Southern to another region in an attempt to silence criticism. One KEA source tells us there were complaints made against Southern but refuse to comment on-the-record and got audibly nervous when questioned about disappearing complaints against Powell.